Why Devlin Dojo?


Well, consider this for a moment.


Why do most people give up… make excuses…or fear starting?  We have all done it, thought it or felt it at some point and sadly will probably do it again!


How can we break the cycle?

At Devlin Dojo we develop ourselves through Kyokushin Karate. A "budo martial art" that assists in deepening meaning and purpose in our life. We embrace the present, the "hear & now" and develop the body, mind & spirit.

In training, resistance happens in stages:  First, your body want wants to stop, to give up, but your mind keeps pushing you on.  Then, you reach a point when your minds wants to stop, but your spirit keeps you going.  At this critical point, you must fight hard to continue, motivated to win, you confront weakness and, in doing so, break through past limitations, gain a new awareness, and ultimately gain a new understanding and appreciation of self.   Personal growth and enlightenment happen in such moments; when your mind, body and spirit transcends past limitations and discovers new ground. 

One thing is for sure, there is no room for an unchecked ego in the development of real strength, true athleticism, genuine character.  Holistic, personal, growth is not found on a treadmill, elliptical or on a fancy weight machine, in front of mirror.  It is found within! 

Kyokushin is second to none when it comes to complete fitness!  In our training we use natural body weight and resistance weight, in combination with aerobic, anaerobic and interval training to progressively develop strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, speed, reflex and timing.  As a result, real power! 

Our Mission:  

  • Devlin Dojo is committed to providing the highest standards and principles of Karate. 

Our Vision:

  • We recognize that people come to train for various reasons, some of those being include:  health, fitness, awareness, self-defense and competition.  

We Will:

  • Develop the mind, body and spirit of those who are willing and ready.
  • Provide a safe, fun and healthy atmosphere.
  • Recognize the individual, their capability and readiness. 
  • Approach our training in the pursuit of true Karate


Sensei Sean Devlin, with Kancho Royama in Japan.